Independent Memberships

Independent Memberships
Not looking for personal training? Just want to workout on your own? Sign up for the Independent membership for just $99 a month for 3 weekly visits or $165 a month for unlimited.
  • 55 minute VT Fitness Station Reservation
  • You get to reserve your own space to work out with all of the equipment that you need. 
  • Optional short High intensity WODs (workout of the day) will be provided for all members to record their results.
  • Participation in any of our weekly Group Classes **
3x/week - $99/month | Unlimited Visits - $165/month
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Group Classes
** All Group Classes are located at 2238 W Roscoe.

A great class for anyone wanting to improve their fitness and stamina! Class integrates combinations of punches, kicks, partner work, and heavy bag work. All levels welcome!

Note: This class encourages the use of boxing gloves. Communal gloves will be available, but we strongly encourage clients to purchase their own if they’ll be regularly attending the class.

Kettlebell Class:
Kettlebell exercises train the entire body at once enhancing everyday activities. Improve muscle tone, body composition and strength along with strengthening the tendons and ligaments, making joints tougher and less susceptible to injury. All levels are welcome!

Strength and Conditioning:
Master your kettlebell skills, core-base conditioning, speed, agility, and strength training. All levels are welcome!

Consistent poses focusing on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and overall sense of well being. All levels are welcome!
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