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Meg F.
I finally went to Victory when I decided I would lose weight instead of gain over the winter. My first workout was December 1, 2016. I told Victor, my trainer, I was going to Cabo in February 2017 and I wanted to see a difference! I was taking care of diet and a little cardio at home (walking and the Primal Blueprint diet). I have attached 2 photos - one of us in cabo on November 2nd, 2016, and one from February 8th, 2017. Even my husband looks thinner from the Primal Blueprint diet.

Victor, makes it fun, stretches my limits, is caring but tough - and urges me to go that extra mile, while knowing when to stop so I don't get injured. Well...8% of my bodyfat is gone, and just look at the photos. They tell it all. I still have a ways to go, but I am motivated and LOVE going to my workouts! Best decision I ever made. Every workout is different - clean studio, and lots of options for equipment. So great!!!
Matt L.
Victory Training is one of the best places I've trained. It may look small from the outside, but there is massive talent inside. The trainers have a welth of knowledge and customize your workouts specific to your goals. I trained with Thomas who pushed me while at the same time being very careful not to aggravate old injuries. From stretching to kettlebells to body weight exercises to to weights to striking- we did it all. The price is extremely reasonable given the one on one attention you receive from the staff. The owner Victor is great as well. He is invested in the success of every single customer that walks through the door. I highly recommend Victory Training!!
J M.
This is a top notch facility with great equipment in a convenient location. 

My normal criteria for evaluating a gym are: programming, coaches and the facility itself, since I chose the individual membership, my review is mainly on the latter two.

The facility is a great studio with brand-new equipment. Barbells, free weights, cardio equipment, rings and the like. You can reserve an hour slot Monday through Saturday to work out free of distraction. 

The owners, Victor and Sylvia, are great too! Extremely friendly staff who will give you a spot and are willing to let you finish your work out, even if it goes over their normal closing time. They also have a posted work out in case you're looking for ideas. Since I was on an individual membership, I didn't use their classes or one-on-one training but I did observe, and found those to be very focused.

I can't wait for them to expand. Hopefully it will be with higher ceilings so I get the most out of the rings and my oly lifts.

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Josh Grandquist
Love it. You can get your workout done in an hour because it's got everything you need. The trainers are nice an personable. Vic, the owner, is more than willing to listen to suggestions. The give you diverse workouts that keep things interesting and keeps things from getting stale.
Henry Siegel
Really amazing gym with excellent staff and coaches. It doesn't matter if you are just the average person looking to get in shape or a crossfitter who needs equipment and doesn't want to join an affiliate, this gym is for everyone. I would also strongly recommend taking any class with Thomas as he is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with. He is very knowlegdeable. You will get a great workout while at the same time you will learn more about how to maximize your body's potential.
Michael Gentile
If you love getting in a quick workout, but don't have time for check in counters and fancy locker rooms this place is great. In and out in 20 minutes every time with great training options.

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Meg Weldon Franklin
I met Victor in late November of 2016, and told him that I needed to make a change. I have been carrying around 50 pounds of extra weight that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of. I decided that it was time to take action and get some help. I told Victor I would handle the diet and if he would handle the work out and and he delivered! As of January one I weigh 12 pounds less and have lost 5% of my body fat. I workout 3 times a week. I have had personal trainers before and Victory Training is by far the best gym that I've been to. Victor doesn't just sit around and put weights on a machine and then tell me how many reps to do. Every workout is different, every workout is a little bit harder than the one before, and he's constantly mixing it up! Definitely check it out! I'm so happy I did!
Alison Arneberg
I started coming to Victory for The Official Six Week Challenge, and I am so glad I did! Not only did I lose 6% body fat and 13.7 lbs, I found a gym that I feel very comfortable and valued at. James is an incredible trainer who worked around many injuries and specific needs for other challengers and myself. I always feel very welcome and I love the smaller space; I have never felt intimidated there even though I was not working out at all before the challenge. I would definitely recommend Victory to anyone looking for a gym where they can focus without distractions or many other people. I'm excited to begin a membership here!
Arletta Gee
Late in the Game, but i finished up with 3% down! Didn't hit my goal, but i have learned what my body likes, or doesn't, and that I CAN get over cravings 😂😂.
Victory Training, is the bomb. com, even though i thought i was going to kill them the first day (they really worked me ) both Victor and James pushed me harder, and kept telling me how to correct my workout positions, and knew how to motivate me. They had a good understanding of what works, what doesn't, and how to help me workout through my back issues.
Veronica Perez
I ended the six week challenge about 2 weeks ago. Even though I only lost 7 lbs. and 3% body fat, I decided to continue with Victory training. I have grown stronger and my energy levels have greatly improved. This place is like no other. All the trainers are friendly and unpretentious. They are also very attentive to any limitations you may have physically, and are able to alter workouts to accommodate your specific issues. I have also met some wonderful people who are very supportive. Joining Victory has been the best decision I've made.
Tony Lumanglas
Almost every fitness (& life) journey needs some kind of guide. I'm fortunate to have Victory Training as my guide. The coaches are knowledgeable, creative and have the best attitudes which can tap into and maximize your fitness potential. Every work out is different. Every session is well thought out. Don't take my word for it being an Occupational Therapist for 16+ years and the numerous years being a runner and into fitness. See for yourself and see the results!!
EN Vargas
Victory Training is unlike any other gym I have attended. Victor, Thomas, and James are all knowledgable, motivating, and genuine individuals who truly care about your safety, self-knowledge, and fitness journey.
The gym itself is small but has more than enough equipment, structure, and back garage area to foster a well rounded workout that accommodates a variety of each individuals' strengths and needs. I used to attend large, corporate gyms where its a free-for-all and the only interaction you have with employees are at the front desk check in or if you're paying hundreds of dollars a week for personal sessions. This is not the case. Victory Training trainers work by your side everyday with different set and structured work outs that will target different areas of the body.
All you have to do is show up, JUST DO IT.

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