VT Fitness Station

VT Fitness Station
VT Fitness Stations solve your gym problems. They eliminate waiting for equipment and not knowing what's going to be available to you when you go to the gym. 

Each VT Fitness Station is individually equipped with a:
• Squat Rack
• Adjustable Bench
• Pull-up Bars
• Dip Bars
• Kettlebells
• TRX Suspension Trainer
• TRX Rip Trainer
• Dumbbells from 10-95 lbs.
• Resistance Bands
• Olympic Training Bar
• Olympic Bar
• Bumper Plates
• Dynamax Medicine Balls
• Landmine
• Concept 2 Row Machine / Ski Erg / Treadmill
Yes, that is right! As an independent member, all of these great pieces of equipment will be reserved just for you for your 55 minute VT Fitness Station reservation. 
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